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Taking a Break

Taking a Break

I feel like I should title this post something appropriately dramatic because regardless of how this feels to any of the readers who happen to stumble across it, for me, this is the most emotional and difficult blog post I’ve ever written. And as someone who has been very open and honest over the years, and written about a few difficult topics in my mix of book reviews and somewhat humorous miscellany, that ought to say something.

I am writing to tell you, my faithful friends, that I’m shelving Candid Christine. The blog, all of it’s ancillary socials etc., will be put on hold for the time being. I’m honestly not sure if this will be temporary or permanent, but as of right now I’m too tired to think about it too much. I will keep the pages up so that I can return to them if I choose to, and in case something moves me so much I feel like I desperately need to share. But I’ll be updating it to reflect that I’m unable to accept books for review, and all that jazz. My last big hoorah will be my Facebook Live Book Club event with Author Linda Smolkin on April 25th.

I could say, “hey y’all, decided to take a break, hope to maybe see you again one day”, and leave it at that, but I’d like to give you at least a vague explanation.

The easy answer would be that I’m having health issues, and need to focus all of my attention on feeling well. And even when I’m not actually “blogging” I am thinking about my blog, how behind I am on my blog, what photos I should’ve taken, what books I’m behind on reading, what reviews should’ve been up, who is waiting for a review, what emails I haven’t managed to answer, the stack of packages not dealt with, the Netgalley queue that is behind and doesn’t look very professional, how behind I am on promoting people who deserve more from me, and so on. Candid Christine, and Tomes and Tequila before it, was never a hobby for me. It has always been a passion project that I love dearly. And it all deserves energy and attention that I do not have an iota of at the moment. I’ve been told repeatedly by at least one loved one that it doesn’t have to be this way, it could be a casual thing, and no one would probably know the difference, but I don’t know how to “DO” this any other way. I’m either in, or I’m out. I can’t constantly be looking at my neglected baby.

 The long answer is that I’ve been sick. I’ve been in and out of the hospital in the past month. I’m trying to come to terms with a diagnosis and meds that have totally done a number on life as I know it. I’m sure that sounds dramatic, but I’ve cooked one meal in the past month, and some mornings I feel like I’m so exhausted I can’t hold my arm up to go through an entire 2 minute cycle of my Quip toothbrush. My head is a mess, my ears never stop ringing, and sometimes I can’t always find my words when I want to. I’m struggling to adapt and hoping that I will start feeling better soon. But at the moment, I feel like a train wreck.

 I have loved every minute of my blogging adventures. And hopefully I can return soon, and some of you will still be around to listen to what I have to say. Thank you to the readers and authors who have been a part of my adventures online so far. And to those who have sent me books I haven’t got to recently, I can’t say I’m sorry enough.

Please tune in for the Author chat with Linda Smolkin on the 25th. We’ll be having a couple giveaways to commemorate the occasion, and I’d love to see you there for the fun. Hope to see you again soon.


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