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One Year On WW, a #Weightloss Update

One Year On WW, a #Weightloss Update

It's WW Anniversary time here at my house, so I wanted to write a short blog post to update everyone on my weight loss journey. I've written a little about it before, and plan to write about it with more consistency, but it's hard to write about something you're half-assing. I am too honest of a person to write a post about health and fitness when I'm eating cheese dip and haven't hit 10,000 steps in eons. But things are changing in my world, and a renewal of goals and drive have hit me, so I feel comfortable updating and discussing with folks again. 


In April of 2017 I weighed 355 lbs. I believe that was my high, but for all I know I may have weighed more than that at some point. I hadn't stepped on the scale for a bit when I saw that number, but was suddenly worried before my husband came back from his deployment and decided to stop being in denial and see where I stood. It wasn't pretty. 


At that point, I kinda sorta started playing with losing weight. I walked some, but didn't make any major changes to my life. But in November my doctor told me my cholesterol was high. Up until that point, I'd been surprisingly lucky in having zero problems with blood pressure, cholesterol...no pre-diabetes or anything like that. So, being told my weight was finally causing a problem scared me. I immediately got off the phone with my doctor and signed up for Weight Watchers (now called WW). 

There is a meeting place around the corner from my house, and I have a friend who has lost a tremendous amount of weight on the program. I had tried it in the past, and knew that it worked when I worked it. So I attended my first meeting the same day I got that call from my doc, and have been on it since. 


The first 6 months I was super gung-ho. Since then things have been sporadic. I haven't attended my meetings every week. I haven't tracked every day. I've basically been the poster child for not taking care of myself the best way I KNOW I can. 

I feel a little like a hypocrite since I write often and share on Instagram about self-care and loving yourself. I know I feel better when I move my body and eat well. Sometimes I feel like I need that tattooed on my forehead so I can see it every day. 

Anyway, I've had a rough few months, but it's really all excuses. I was sick for a few months and ended up having my gallbladder removed. Then I wanted to eat everything in site because I hadn't been able to eat much for a while. I was a mess, basically. 

I am now feeling good, and sitting at around 277 lbs. I have lost close to 80 lbs from my highest weight. And I am ready to get back in the game. 


My goal is to have all my weight off by my daughter's graduation in May of 2020. I did the math, and it's gonna be hard. But I do think it's possible, as long as I'm not phoning it in...not half-assing things. In order to hit that goal, I'm going to HAVE to exercise. I'm going to HAVE to track my food, and make more good choices than bad. 


So, I've taken photos of where I'm at now and thought I'd share them with you. The before photos aren't at my highest, but roughly at around 330 lbs. I wish I would've taken measurements. I can see a change in my face but these photos are very hard for me to look at, and they were very hard to take. Although I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far, I also know I was capable of much more. But I’m trying not to beat myself up over it. I can’t do anything about the decisions I made yesterday, only the choices I make today and tomorrow.

Hopefully my next update is filled with great news, more optimism and a little less subtle disappointment! 

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