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50 Self Care Tips

50 Self Care Tips

I have been an absolute mess recently. My insomnia has been epic, and I have been in a fog of sleep-deprived misery. That, my friends, is why I have been radio silent for a bit. I’d love to be able to tell you that I’ve been doing great on my #last90days challenge, but I can not tell a lie. I’ve been stellar when it comes to my gratitude and water intake, less so on my steps and waking up super early…mainly because I’m usually still awake at that time! Which leads me to my subject for today…Self Care. It is incredibly important, and I’d say even more so at times when you’re ill, under immense stress, exhausted, etc.

I am NOT great at taking care of myself. I think I’m pretty good at taking care of other people. I raised two kids to adulthood, and in my eyes they turned out pretty well. I’m usually aware of where my husband placed his cell phone and keys, and I’m normally on top of the laundry enough that he always has a clean uniform and socks. I try to be a supportive friend. But when it comes to me, my coping mechanisms are wretched, and I’m not great at upkeep. I’m trying to get better, and in my quest to do it, I’d been consulting 5 billion Pinterest Self Care Lists…and thought I’d compile for the blog my own personal list of tips in the hopes of helping myself and my friends. Let this be a list to save and consult. Things you should be doing, could be doing, might want to add to your week. We need to take care of ourselves. And good self care isn’t eating everything in site while binge watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Ways to Practice Self Care

  1. Do a face mask.

  2. Have a cup of amazing tea.

  3. Try a healthy new recipe.

  4. Call someone you love for a chat.

  5. Read a book.

  6. Write in a journal.

  7. Listen to some music that makes your heart sing.

  8. Go to a museum.

  9. Meditate (SO many apps out there).

  10. Dance to your favorite music.

  11. Make a date with a girlfriend.

  12. Go for a walk.

  13. Buy yourself some flowers.

  14. Declutter an area of your house.

  15. Go on a digital detox for the day.

  16. Wear your FAVORITE outfit, the one that makes you feel amazing.

  17. Write a letter, a real snail mail letter, to someone just because.

  18. Paint your nails/get a manicure.

  19. Light a candle.

  20. Go hiking.

  21. Go to bed early.

  22. Do a crossword puzzle.

  23. Have a game night.

  24. Watch your favorite movie.

  25. Go to an art gallery.

  26. Try gardening.

  27. Learn a new language.

  28. Listen to a podcast.

  29. Pray.

  30. Create a new playlist/mixtape

  31. Get a massage.

  32. Take a class you’ve always wanted to.

  33. Eat GOOD food.

  34. Stretch or do yoga.

  35. Spend time with your pet.

  36. Take a drive somewhere beautiful.

  37. Sing.

  38. Sketch, paint or color.

  39. Stargaze.

  40. Take your vitamins.

  41. Watch funny videos on YouTube.

  42. Go for a bike ride.

  43. Deep condition your hair.

  44. Unfollow negative people on social media.

  45. Make a skincare routine and stick with it.

  46. Go on a picnic.

  47. Do a jigsaw puzzle.

  48. Plan a dinner date.

  49. Exercise for at least 20 minutes.

  50. Moisturize.

I hope this helps all of us, and is a reminder of all the incredibly healthy things we can do to take care of ourselves. Self Care is important. These are small things, but reminders nonetheless, of ways to put ourselves higher on our own priority lists. And as I’m struggling with my insomnia, and everyone else is going through their own personal struggles, let’s try to cope well.

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