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Hi Y’all!!

I figured I needed one pic without my hair back! What can I say, I’m building this new site in the summer…and it’s hot in Virginia!

My name is Christine, but my close friends call me Stine!

Welcome to Candid Christine! This blog is currently in transition, as I’d shelved it due to health problems, and am now getting it back up and running!

I'm working to curate my best possible life, and thought I'd take you along for the ride. Consider me to be that girlfriend you turn to for advice and thoughts on healthy living, beauty, books and the jumble of struggles and joys life throws our way!

I love 70’s music, Michael Fassbender, margaritas, everything Paris, my close-knit family, travel, and the friends I have who live all over the world. (I know, it reads like a dating profile!)

I previously blogged on Tomes and Tequila, but had something bigger in my heart. I hope you’ll enjoy this new look and hang out for a while.